Chinese at Kalamazoo

Professors: Weng, Yang

The Chinese program provides students with exposure to the language, literature, and culture of China. The multiple levels of Chinese language courses offer a balanced emphasis on listening, reading, writing, and speaking, establishing a good foundation for ongoing language study. Students may study abroad in China or take part in other forms of advanced study to continue developing their language skills. Chinese Studies courses (in English) acquaint students with Chinese literary works and their social, political, and cultural contexts.

Requirements for the Minor in Chinese

Number of Units

6 total units are required; not including CHIN 101-102

Required Courses: (5 Units)

A. Language courses (at least 4 units)

 CHIN 103, 201, 202, 203 (or approved equivalent courses for a total of four units)

All students wishing to count equivalent language courses taken off campus must demonstrate the appropriate aptitude with a placement exam. Please note that placement exams are only offered at the beginnings of each quarter.

It is also important to note that Chinese language courses are offered in the Fall-Winter-Spring sequence for both CHIN-101-102-103 and CHIN-201-202-203. CHIN-101 and CHIN-201 are only offered in the Fall quarter.

B. One Chinese Studies course taken on campus (1 unit)

From among CHIN 222, CHIN 225, CHIN 235, CHIN 245, CHIN 260

Elective Course: (1 Unit)

Minors must complete one additional elective course. This course can be a second Chinese Studies course taken on campus, an advanced Chinese language course above CHIN 203 taken on campus, or an approved non-language course taken on study abroad. With approval, additional special topics one-time course offerings with Chinese Studies content many count as an elective.

Related Programs

The Chinese program is also an essential part of the East Asian Studies Department, and contributes to the International and Area Studies program as well. Students may major in East Asian Studies or in International and Area Studies with a focus on East Asia. Interested students should consult with the Chair of East Asian Studies. See catalog listings for East Asian Studies or International and Area Studies for requirements for these majors.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The College has established several programs in the People’s Republic of China. Please consult with the Center for International Programs on the different options available. To maximize the benefits of studying abroad, students are strongly encouraged to complete CHIN-203 before leaving for China. For more details about language preparation for study abroad, consult early with professors and the Center for International Programs.

For more information on study abroad, visit the EAS page on study abroad.